Reforis https petitions fails in background

Since a few months ago I can only make changes in the reforis panel if I do it from HTTP, but if I do it from HTTPS I always get an error time out, even with the factory router with the latest firmware.

Any ideas? I have tried to create a new cert self signed and still the same thing happens. I have tried firefox, chrome, and both in incognito mode and nothing.

Thank you

Czech discussion: Nelze potvrdit žádné nastavení v reForis

Gitlab issue: Saving changes done in Reforis times out on some pages (#391) · Issues · Turris / reForis / reForis · GitLab .

Workaround: turn off HTTPS testing in Avast/AVG antivirus (temporarily, while you are doing the changes in Reforis).

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