Recommendation for Omnia based home automation

I’m not experienced in this field, so please forgive my ignorance. I’m running an Omnia (2GB RAM) and a Mox (1GB RAM) at home.
I would like to use a sensor to alert me (via e-mail or app) in case it detects water (on the basement floor). I don’t have a specific device in mind yet. Other services / devices might be added later on. If possible, I would like all of this to be administrated by the Omnia.

Is there a (simple to modestly complicated) way to achieve this? Which products and which software could be used?

Thank you for your recommendations.

You could try Hardwario tower Flood and Water Level Detector, 5m cable - HARDWARIO Shop and Start Set - HARDWARIO Shop . And maybe also the USB gateway. But check compatibility first.

Run a lxc (which I up to now failed with) and inside homeassistant/node red/IObroker or alike. Attach and pass through a USB-zigbee receiver (e.g. the official skyconnect) to home assistant and unlock the full world of ZigBee devices. ZigBee standard is nearly I unlimited when it comes to functionality (both sensors and actors) and due to many players in this market quite cheap. Homeassistant users are trying to interconnect simply anything, so there are good chances you can e.g. link your PV power inverter to the ZigBee power switch, and configure that your E-car is only charging when PV is generating enough solar energy and alike.

There is also a native yet limited homeassistant app available for OpenWrt.


Thank you both for your replies.

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