Recap of the 7.5v Turris power supply

Few weeks ago i found my Turris 1.x not responding. When looking on it i found that leds are not blinking as they should. So i tried another 7.5v power supply (i had one) and router started to work again.

Looking on old power supply i found that 2 capacitors in DC (cold) circuit looks dead, so i desoldered all 3 capacitors in it (2 - 1500mf and 1 - 470mf). On ESD meter 1500mf been found dead. So i replaces all of them, but used 16v instead of 10v equivalent. There is also another capacitor in HOT->COLD circuit feedback loop - 10mf 50v. I replaced it as well, on ESD meter i found that it lost half of its capacity already.

Once done - power supply started to work again as it should. So hint of other 1.x owners - likely on your PS recap will be needed soon as well :slight_smile: Good thing - there are only 4 electrolytic capacitors on the board and all of them are relatively easy to desolder. Bad thing is that case itself does not have screws, so its a challenge to open it.


Careful when working with the capacitors. Don’t touch or short circuit. Better to discharge with some high watt resistor.

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@iron-maiden all is done, so hopefully will not need to touch it next n yrs :slight_smile:

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