Reboot router from a terminal

Hi guys,

how can I reboot a router from a terminal connected via SSH?

I have a little poem for you :slight_smile: :

Log in as root
and type reboot


I don’t know for sure but I assume it’s equivalent.

On the other hand … I doubt that shutting down all services is as important as on a PC. Because a router is normally not “shut down”, it’s just powered off. And in this case, ther is no service shutdown.

Normally I use:

reboot now

to hurry up things a bit.


reboot without arguments shuts down all system services in the right order, starting immediately, just like it does on a PC. Adding “now” as an argument makes no difference. The shutdown command works differently, but is not available on the Turris Omnia anyway. Refer to the man page for shutdown if you are interested.

If you actually want to do the equivalent of yanking and re-plugging the power cord, use the -f argument to reboot:

root@turris:~# reboot --help
BusyBox v1.25.1 (2017-09-13 19:43:58 CEST) multi-call binary.

Usage: reboot [-d DELAY] [-n] [-f]

Reboot the system

	-d SEC	Delay interval
	-n	Do not sync
	-f	Force (don't go through init)

yup maybe it was the “shutdown now” wired in my brain that has mislead me with reboot to use the same option. So right, here it is actually:

reboot -f

Tx, for correction.