Reboot doesn't work

I just got my Turris MOX last week. I’ve noticed that it works very well but the reboot functionality isn’t quite right. In particular, if I manually have the router reboot from Foris OR the router reboots itself after an automatic update, the router goes into a state where it becomes unresponsive. I’m unsure if this state is after the reboot has actually occurred or before as I’m unsure how to check that. The only solution I’ve found is to manually unplug the power cord and replug it back in.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Also, I’m happy to provide additional data/logs/etc to help debug this.

I had the same problem in foris version 100.2 reboot works.

I had no success for software reboot on 100.3.

I had the same problem only with MOX in HW configuration A+G+C

We got few reports regarding not working reboot, we are investigating it. We already got one board back that should be affected by this and we are trying to reproduce the issue and trying to figure out what is causing it.


Same issue here (on a “Classic set” and a “Power Wifi set”), even if reboot works once every 2 reboot :man_shrugging:
I have an open ticket about it (004874)

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Have had the same issue of needing to unplug power to get router to work after it attempts to reboot for update installs. Config is Power WiFi + F + 2x E.

I had the same problem on one of my Moxes.
Factory reset helped me.