Reboot doesn't work

I just got my Turris MOX last week. I’ve noticed that it works very well but the reboot functionality isn’t quite right. In particular, if I manually have the router reboot from Foris OR the router reboots itself after an automatic update, the router goes into a state where it becomes unresponsive. I’m unsure if this state is after the reboot has actually occurred or before as I’m unsure how to check that. The only solution I’ve found is to manually unplug the power cord and replug it back in.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? Also, I’m happy to provide additional data/logs/etc to help debug this.

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I had the same problem in foris version 100.2 reboot works.

I had no success for software reboot on 100.3.

I had the same problem only with MOX in HW configuration A+G+C

We got few reports regarding not working reboot, we are investigating it. We already got one board back that should be affected by this and we are trying to reproduce the issue and trying to figure out what is causing it.


Same issue here (on a “Classic set” and a “Power Wifi set”), even if reboot works once every 2 reboot :man_shrugging:
I have an open ticket about it (004874)

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Have had the same issue of needing to unplug power to get router to work after it attempts to reboot for update installs. Config is Power WiFi + F + 2x E.

I had the same problem on one of my Moxes.
Factory reset helped me.

Any ticket/git issue to watch for progress?

My MOX has the same issue. I also always need to unplug power cable to reboot the router.

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Got the same problem too
Also not sure if it is related but I have problems getting both wifi adapters to work simulatiously


@miska is there any new information regarding the reboot issue?


I have this problem too (latest SW 100.4 both HBS as well as HBT branch).

Every time I reboot via reboot command, the router doesn’t come up again until I manually disconnect and reconnect the power supply. Quite annoying especially given that the device will do this automatically, possibly while I’m away.

Meanwhile I did connect a serial port to the JTAG.
Here’s what I observe when I type “reboot”… after the last message (“reboot: Restarting system”) nothing happens any more…

root@dg1sek-turris:/# reboot

root@dg1sek-turris:/# Stopping router Turris.

[ 142.488716] device br-guest_turris left promiscuous mode

[ 142.648569] device br-lan left promiscuous mode

[ 158.329082] br-guest_turris: port 2(lan2) entered disabled state

[ 158.335090] br-guest_turris: port 1(lan1) entered disabled state

[ 158.363160] device lan1 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.367538] br-guest_turris: port 1(lan1) entered disabled state

[ 158.381819] mv88e6085 d0032004.mdio-mii:10 lan1: Link is Down

[ 158.396377] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan1: link is not ready

[ 158.403769] device lan2 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.408650] br-guest_turris: port 2(lan2) entered disabled state

[ 158.420746] mv88e6085 d0032004.mdio-mii:10 lan2: Link is Down

[ 158.435581] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan2: link is not ready

[ 158.522524] br-lan: port 7(wlan0) entered disabled state

[ 158.528169] br-lan: port 4(lan7) entered disabled state

[ 158.553721] device lan3 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.558266] br-lan: port 6(lan3) entered disabled state

[ 158.613433] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan3: link is not ready

[ 158.628889] device lan4 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.633431] br-lan: port 1(lan4) entered disabled state

[ 158.668212] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan4: link is not ready

[ 158.674431] device lan5 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.679288] br-lan: port 2(lan5) entered disabled state

[ 158.708933] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan5: link is not ready

[ 158.714879] device lan6 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.719478] br-lan: port 3(lan6) entered disabled state

[ 158.747616] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan6: link is not ready

[ 158.755158] device lan7 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.759585] br-lan: port 4(lan7) entered disabled state

[ 158.789058] mv88e6085 d0032004.mdio-mii:10 lan7: Link is Down

[ 158.802793] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan7: link is not ready

[ 158.824595] device lan8 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.828955] device eth1 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.833842] br-lan: port 5(lan8) entered disabled state

[ 158.875518] mvneta d0040000.ethernet eth1: Link is Down

[ 158.919152] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lan8: link is not ready

[ 158.925729] device wlan0 left promiscuous mode

[ 158.930362] br-lan: port 7(wlan0) entered disabled state

[ 159.152296] mvneta d0030000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down

[ 161.111178] watchdog: watchdog0: nowayout prevents watchdog being stopped!

[ 161.118282] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!

[ 161.178426] watchdog: watchdog0: nowayout prevents watchdog being stopped!

[ 161.185572] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!

[ 161.238341] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!

[ 165.368030] reboot: Restarting system

You are any custom config in /etc/rc.local ?

And search in syslog: emerg turris[]: Router Turris successfully started.
Is there ?

Thanks for helping!

No, nothing in /etc/rc.local (just “exit 0”) - I didn’t touch it. I actually reflashed the whole router (reset mode 6) to be sure.

In syslog I can find “Router Turris successfully started.” indeed.

I wonder how the reboot/reset actually is supposed to work. Is the watchdog timer of the marvell responsible for doing a HW reset?

If you use the poweroff command, does the router behave the same way?

poweroff is not likely to work -

Poweroff seems to have the same problem indeed. It shuts down, and remains off.

Anybody got an idea how the actual reboot mechanism works?

Do you think that it would make sense if I make a test with manually pulling the RST line on the MOX bus to GND to see if it then reboots?