Re-flash Omnia not working

Hi Guys,

Last week after several options failed, i decided to look for TOS 4.0. I however did not find it, so i decided to put openWRT on it instead. However things did not go as planned as re-flashing stopped working. After that i was directed to the TOS 4.0 alpha2 topic being released. However to re-flash the Omnia with TOS 4.0, i need to wipe some openWRT settings to get the re-flashing to work as how i have understood it.

Today finally i got the time to connect to a UART cable and manged to have a serial console like with the Omnia. However i’m not sure what to do next as i have not experimented with the serial console before.

This is what i suppose to type in when having the connection, but i am not able to do that.

env default -a

When i connect to he Omnia, i get this.

Welcome to minicom 2.7.1

Compiled on Aug 13 2017, 15:25:34.
Port /dev/ttyUSB0, 10:30:01

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

At the bottom i see this

CTRL-A Z for help | 115200 8N1 | NOR | Minicom 2.7.1 | VT102 | Online 0:0 | ttyUSB0

Nothing more is happening. When i reset the Omnia, until only 1 LED is turned on, i get this

Ut SerDes lanes topology details:
  Lane #  | peed |  Type       |
                            |   0    |  6   |  SAT0|
 |   1    |  5   |  USB3 HOST0  |
 |   2    |  5   |  PCIe        |
 |  3    |  5     USB3 HOST1    |
 |   4    |  5   |  PCIe2       |
 |   5    |  0   |  SGMII2      |
:*Link  Gen1,chek the EP capability
PCIe, Idx 1: remains Gen1
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capability
PCIe, Id : emains Gen1
High speed PHY - Ended Successfully
DDR3 Tining Sequnce  Ver TIP-1.29.0
Memory config in EEPROM: 0x02
 ng Sitching XBAR Window t FastPath Wind
DDR3 Training Sequence - Ended Successfully

UBoot 215.10-rc(Aug 18 2016 - 20:43: +0200), Build: jenki-omnia-master-23

S:   MV88F6820-0
     Wtchdog enble
I2C:   ready
SPI:  e GiB (ECC notled)
Enabling rmad 8 acdg
                    Dialin CUstartup watchdo.
MM:  mv_sdh: 0
F Dtected 25F14 ihpg ie 256 Bytes, erase ize6 KB, total 8 MiB
P001.0     - 168c:003 - Network controller
  01:00.0     - 11ab:6820 - Memory conroller
  0:01.0     - 168c:0033 - Network contrller
Model: ell Armada385 GP
os miaSN: 0000000B0008A67
Regdomaio* A  1 ieot.
AHCI 0001.0000 32 slots SATA mode
flags: 64bit ncq led only pmp fbss pio slu part xs 
Net:   neta2
neta2: No link.oboot:  5 a2g or PHY auto negotiation to complete.....ME 
Wrong Imae Format for bootm comand
ERROR: can't get ernel image!

I have put this medkit on a USB dongle and put the dongle in the front USB.

When trying a re-flash with 4 LEDS turned on, i get this.

U-otSL205.0-r2 (u 820:43:35)
 eTh speed PHY - Version: 2.0
Dtce eieI 80is or opoogy
            or SrDslaepology details:
 | Lane #  | Seed |  Type       |
 |   0    |  6   |  SATA0       |
 |   1    |  5   |  USB3 HOST0  |
 |   2    |  5   |  PCIe1       |
 |   3    |     |  SB3 HOST1    |
 |   4    |  5   |  PCIe2       |
 |       |  0   |  SGII2        |
:*LiGeck the EP capability
CIe, Idx 1: remins Gen1
:** Link is Gen1, check the EP capaility
PCIe, Id 2: remains Gen1
DD3 raining Sequen Ver TIP-1.29.0
Meonfig n EPROM: 0x02
DDR3 Traniuen Switchin XBAR WistPt Window
DDR3 Training Sequence - Ended Successfully

U-o 20510rc (Ag 18 2016 - 0:43:5 +020), Buld:jenkinsomnia-mater-23

SoC:   MV88F6820-hdog enaled
I2C:  ready
SPI:   ready
            DRAM:  2 GiB (ECC not enabled)
Enalin Armada 385 watchdog.
Disabling MCU startup watchdo.
MMC: m_sdh: 0to **
SF Detected S2FL164K with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 KiB, total 8 MiB
 00:01.0    - 168c:003c - Network controller
  01:00.0     - 11ab:6820 - Memory controller
  01:01.0     - 168c:0033 - Network controller
Model: Marvell Armada 385 GP
SCSI:  MVEBU SATA IIT 000000B00008A67
arget spinup took 0 ms.
SATA link1 tiimpl SAT mode
flags: 64bit cq ld only mp fbss pio slum part sxs 
Net:   neta2
Hit any key to stop auoboot:  5    
otiation to complte........Inea2: No link.

Oke, i tried something. When it looked like it just was stuck, i decided to to reset (1 LED) and copy and past those commands.

env default -a

It suddenly did something, but again it “looked” as if it was stuck again. After pasting the second command,


it again looked like as if it was stuck, but it did gave me a “vage” output. I thought if it did something, then logically 4 LED for re-flashing should now maybe work. I decided to give it a go and indeed it started doing his thing. These were the vage outputs i got. So for the people who get in the same position as i was, give it a try and know that you are doing it right if you somehow have the same output.

#setting tosave =>
g Environment to SPIFlB
Erig SPIfash.Wr P ls…= oRDErddetect: STA