Randomly loosing mounts in /mnt/

I noticed that my Omnia randomly looses its mounts in /mnt
I notice it when i try to access it using Samba and it just errors out.

I could get the mounts working again simply by entering “/etc/init.d/fstab restart”

it happend now for maybe 3 to 4 times in some time. It happens rarely. My guess is that it happens when some automatic update happens.

I had similar problems with disconnecting the flash drive and at the same time i see sector errors in the syslog. I formatted in a different file system, but eventually helped exchange flasdisk for another

Same here, in last five days three times unexpected unmount.
After ‘fsck’ and ‘mount’ all fine. I just lost some logs and statistics.
It started last week, occured three times already.
(flash drive is used for 1,5 year only in my Omnia)