Random wireless disabled


I have some trouble with my turris omnia. When I reboot the wireless networks doesnt always show up. Radio0 are usually up (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880) but radio1 only shows wireless diables. Sometime when I reboot bot of the wifi cards show ‘Wireless is disabled or not associated’ Its so random, and dont know what to do to get both cards working again. I have tried some of the solutions listen on the forums.

SW version: 3.6.2
Nas perk installed

Some indicators in LUCI/FORIS are showing relative signal power averaged by all clients. So if there is no client it seems to be not active (but enabled) or not associated when there is no client active. Several android devices are keeping wifi-on (indicator shows ‘connected’ but actually they just wait for some application push notification or any other inbound traffic.)
Every reboot cause radio1/0 to be active for a while to broadcast around.
I faced similar issues after update of OS (3.4.x and 3.5.x) …wrong firmware/binary driver config/differnt mPCI slot combination (i had config using new syntax and new options but firmware was not accepting that — i had to put old config back again. Same happened next update, but this time i have to reconfigure it as it was fixed some stuff around wlan/radio/wifi…)
Since 3.6.1 all good. For both radioX …i even noticed better signal power (like +5-10%).

Also with NAS perk you might find the wiring wrong. I have to rewire antennas after 3.4.x updates (somewhere on forum is guide with detailed pictures).

So ideally use schnaps to get old config back (from before update snapshot) and reboot if that helps compare them with actual/new ones to see what is different.