Ram | lan | sfp+ | wall mount

  • 512 MB DDR3 seems a bit on the low end for deploying lxc containers with caching applications like mariadb, redis, nginx, nextcloud, etc. Is the ram amount limited due to the support by CPU/memory controller/board or can the RAM amount be easily upgraded (also to DDR4)?
  • modules C & E appear to feature switch chips (looking at the images), though there is no mentioning in the descriptions. How many physical connectors between the switch, if there is one, and the CPU, i.e. is it like the Omnia with 2 connectors that would share all the (4 or 8) LAN ports?
  • can the RJ-45 ports of the C & E modules be configured as WAN ports (multi WAN, bonding)?
  • any plan to develop a SFP+ module, that if the board/CPU supporting such?
  • any plan to develop 10 Gbit/s RJ-45 module(s) with switch, that if the board/CPU supporting such?
  • is the device provisioned for wall mounting, considering that its modular concept is probably not suited to a bracket of fixed design?

Reading your post one might come to the conclusion you’re searching for a real server-router, right?
I once thought about building that myself (based on x86-64 amd epyc cpu etc), but I am somehow not advanced expert enough to get it realized…
For getting that powered with MOX there would have to be a decent CPU with enough PCIe lanes as a starting point.
The compex hk1 shows an example, but for my feeling its cpu could even have more cores, the ax and ac-cards dont have to be on-board and another 12 to 20 GB RAM would also not be to bad…

It is just making assessment of a potential investment in the M.

I also feel that if you’re thinking of routing and firewalling 10 Gbps, the MOX SoC would be too weak/limiting. The moxtet docs mention 2.5 Gbps limit, BTW.

Skip the spf+/10 Gbit/s then in consideration of the CPU. (initial post edited to that affect)