Rainbow missing on OS 6

I just upgraded from Turris OS 5 to 6.4.4 (including firmware reset). I am missing rainbow. Where can set the LED colors now? Also, under “System > LED Configuration” I am missing the option to trigger from USB activity.

Rainbow was changed in OS 6 - check “rainbow – help” in CLI.

Thanks, I did. So the Luci GUI was removed? Any way to add it again?

rainbow all 110000

sets all LEDs to red. How do I get that reboot persistent?

Also, is there a config file and better documentation than “-h”?

How do I set LED A to USB activity, for example?

Try to search this forum, Documentation [Turris wiki], official documentation… For reboot persistence you can use cron with “@reboot” clause.

I did search the forum and didn’t find anything. Hence my post.

Identified the problem: the following packages are missing in OS 6 and need to be installed

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