Rack mount for original 2016 TO

I have an original TO from the crowdfunding. I see that there’s a rack mount kit available, but it mentions compatibility only with the 2020 TO, and not the 2019 model. Can someone confirm if this is compatible with the original TO? Any other rack mounting options (other than zip-tieing to a shelf)?

you can use the rackmount kit for „original TO.“ It is compatible with all models of Turris Omnia.
Please keep in mind that the rackmount kit is shipped without the screws (as the screws are shipped with Turris Omnia with the wallmount). You need to get M3 countersunk head screw with the length of 5mm.

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I own a 2016 crowdfunding Turris Omnia.
This Turris Omnia rack mount | Discomp - networking solutions rackmount kit fits perfectly.

Attention :warning:: The screws that mount the top cover to the bottom part are too short. Fortunately I ordered the wall mount kit in 2016. The screws shipped with the wall mount are long enough.