Rack Mount For NAS Chassis?

Any plans or thoughts for such a option? Perhaps we can get more precise dimensions of the NAS internal with the board and external with scale to see if any 3rd party or custom ears could be fabricated for rack mount? I’ll need to do it for my environment.

Does anyone else see a need?

Thank you

I think the 2-3 units height is a bit much. A rack shelf may be a simpler option. It will also give you some space for extra USB harddrives.


Originally I thought about having the Omnia mounted on the wall. Now I’m considering buying the NAS box and put it into small rack I have in the technical room. Now I’m wondering about the wifi antennas.

I’m not wifi expert - does anybody know if it is possible to use any extender cables, detach the antennas from router and mount them outside of the rack? If it is possible what are the limitations for the cable lengths? Do the antennas have to be close to each other or could I direct them to different directions to improve the wifi signal coverage in the whole house?
Thanks a lot for the insight.

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Yes, you could use extender cables, in fact I use them (0,5 meters in lenght) in my household for the same reason (To have Wireless antennas outside metal rack cabinet).
Still, you have to consider that every meter of extender cable reduces the signal too, so try not to have any extensive cable runs, through the whole house, up to 2-3 meters would max which I would use for such purpose.

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