Quick way to crash kresd (knot-resolver)

Knot-resolved started crashing on my system quite often.
I located the error to be caused by a specific type of queries - originally on my private domain, but however it is “working” also on other type of requests.

When I try to resolve PTR record to specific domain (more or less AD specific queries), the kresd running on my omnia router crashes with segmentation fault.

This example makes immediate crash of kresd daemon:
dig PTR five.dots.is.too.much.to

It looks like, that PTR queries with 5 or more dots in name causes kresd to crash.

my knot-resolver version is 1.1.1-8

Edit - this bug as I found is only appearing in the case, when I try to load “nonexisting” hints file…
This is not “normal” configuration, however, kresd shut not just crash anyway (even on any DNS reverse lookup)…

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Thanks for reporting this awkward bug! It will be fixed in the next knot-resolver release.

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