Quick and easy way to mount ssd at boot in 2023?

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I’ve duly combed the forums, but I haven’t found a simple, straightforward answer. I installed an ssd msata successfully, used cfdisk to format it as ext4. I’d like to have it mount as /mnt/ssd when the router reboots. What’s the simple way to do this?


And I could go on and on.

Or more simply use LuCI/System/Mount Points.

Good luck.

Thank you, for some reason I didn’t have mount points on Luci, but I figured out how to get them on there. Appreciated, I just got lost in the forums and wasn’t sure what to look for. Thanks for the fast reply!

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You should use Storage Plugin in Reforis to prepare ssd and it should be mounted in /srv because thats where disk intense applications keep their files

Thank you, I actually noticed that last night and formatted it. Not wild about using btrfs, as that fs has caused me nothing but headaches in the past.

I, on the other hand, find Btrfs to be the file system of the present and hope it will be improved or a better solution with equal or better functionality will be found. It is a modern file system, like OpenZFS and APFS, fully supported and integrated in Linux. It still unfortunately has bugs in specific RAID configurations, limiting its use in certain contexts, but otherwise it is okay. By now snapshots, sending and receiving data, copy on write and transparent compression are what should be the norm. Integrated encryption is still missing, for example, and I hope it will be added soon. Ext4 though reliable and performant is still yet another evolution of an outdated concept.

I’m sure I’d like it better if I knew what the hell I was doing. Had it on my homelab server and I just don’t know anything about maintaining it, so it caused all sorts of headaches. I’m a casual enthusiast, so ext4 is more “set it and forget it” for me.

In the end, Btrfs has a few basic concepts that open the door for you to the modern standard in file systems. Learn those and it becomes clearer and you can move on to the other advanced features easily.



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