Question - PoE - what voltage is supported in MOX

HI there,
I’m looking for specification what voltage and what pins in connector are used for PoE.
I have Ubiquiti carrier PoE adapter in drawer which is giving 24V on ethernet pins 4,5 + and 7,8 -
Is this correct injector or there is different requirement for MOX?


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I don’t really know, but from docs and wiki I’d gather it’s different (the voltage range is rather far away).

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Thanks for links @vcunat , it is clear now that passive 24V injector is not suitable.

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It’s a bit unfortunate that MOX onboarding is non-existent.

I had to search here for this answer, to make sure my injector is suitable.

Well, powering by a different PoE (non-)standard can be possible by replacing the Ag5300 daughterboard on the PoE module with a different board. See the pinout.