Question: atsha204 driver upstreaming

Hi Turris Omnia Team,

First of all, thank you for your work on the router and making the project a reality.

I know that Turris OS kernel carries an out-of-tree module to support atsha204 crypto chip (, seems to be based on cryptotronix/atsha204-i2c) and some userspace bits (libatsha204 and modifications to init scripts) to make it usable as an entropy source. If openwrt is used on Turris Omnia, the kernel entropy pool is not filled which leads to blocking getrandom(2) calls

Are there any plans to upstream this driver to reduce the delta with upstream kernel and openwrt as a result? Any blockers (besides dev time) for making this happen?

There is no driver in the kernel for this chip. u-boot has one to get the mac addresses from there. Under Linux there is only the userspace software that runs early in the boot sequence. It simply requests entropy from the chip and sends it to the kernel by running atsha204cmd feed-entropy.


Right, it’s the uboot one which I confused with this - I guess I got the answer to my question because it is not related to the work the Turris team was doing.