Question about diplexers

Hi everyone:

I still waiting for my router, but i have a question about the wireless signal. When cz.nic announced the metal box and the diplexers there was some discussion about the performance of these devices. Since the router has two more holes for LTE perk i´m thinking about get RP-SMA pigtails and connect two antennas for 2.4Ghz wireless card if this can increase Wireless performance. Most of my devices are 2.4Ghz, so it´s important for me the old 2.4 band.

My question is if this kind of setup would improve the overall perfomance of the wireless networking.


It should, I’m going to do the almost the same thing - I replaced WLE900 by WLE600, so I will have 2 antennas for each card and 433MHz transmitter connected to GPIO with antenna at fifth position.

Off course it will have some benefit, but it also depends on the hardware(laptop, smartphone, tablet) you are using.

Here a visual example.

I am also planning to use the remaining two wholes. In my case i tend to keep the outer antennas fro 2.4 GHz and the 3 places in the middle i am planning to use it for the 5 GHz network.

The speed of smartphone, will keep to be the same mostly, while if you have a good wifi-mini-pcimia in your laptop for example who which supports for example 2 or 3 streams, then you can really benefit from it. As it is shown in the example.

AFAIK neither of used WLAN cards support MU-MIMO (Multi-User MIMO) so above benefit is not in play. And even if it would support MU-MIMO it could be also used with duplexer.

I theory there should be less signal loss without duplexer. But if the duplexer and cables etc are designed right it could not make bigger difference than let’s say 10% (usually less) when compared to single band antennas

EDIT: I’m want to test single vs dual mode antennas range (with and without duplexer) when my Omnia arrive

OOh, i always thought that WLAN cards who had multiple antennas automatically supported MU-MIMO.

Thanks for the heads up.

they support MIMO (without the multi-user), which is still a cool thing :wink:

also there aren’t so much devices out there that support MU-MIMO (receiving devices, as in: phone/notebook/…), yet

Thank you for all the replies

Which connector are the ones on the wireless cards? u.FL? these pigtails will work on omnia?,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_1&btsid=58d1f65c-924d-4c74-91ae-227ed7c90b46

Thank you!

On another thread, somebody said to me, u.fl to RP-SMA.

I am planning to buy this one.

Do keep in mind if you are also planning to buy those cables, November the 11th will be discount day on aliexpress. So that you know it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint, I’ve almost bought on mouser a handful for $9 a piece.
Now looking at my basket - it’s just $5 for all and with free delivery :slight_smile:

Aliexpress is very cheap, but don´t expect the same quality for those pigtails as, for example, the bundled with the Omnia. Also shorter cables less signal losses, How long are the ones in the omnia?

Good to know, about the length and signal loss.

Could somebody who already has his/her Omnia, tell us how many cm the cables are?

The one that i am planning to buy on aliexpress is like 26 cm.

They are well fit. almost no extra loops. Shorter tails for short reach and loner for farther links.
Well yes, on mouser those I chosen are listed with vswr 1.3 and insertion loss -0.25dB while chinese are promised with 1.8 and nothing about loss.