Question about collected data by Turris servers


I’m curious if Turris Team has information about how many of sold(rent) devices are collecting data (ucollect and haas) and how many are up-to-date with production (or RC, and other branches) released TOS version etc.

I’m asking this because not all users are visiting this forum and even from those who does many may just read and on top of that I don’t think anybody is counting numbers for issues written here. I’m trying to get to the point that data about TOS version and ucollect, haas, updater success or failure may be IMHO very helpful.

Summary of my TO last state

For example my latest experience was that some of domains were not resolved (aka probably “kresd issue” by what I found here) so I tried to disable DNSSEC that helped a bit and hoped it will be solved in next release, also firewall was not collecting data since 18.12.2018 for unknown reason but “if team does not care why should I” (not really but it’s not crucial :slight_smile: ) and updater was stuck ( Foris was permanently showing rotating refresh icon in Updater section) and I wasn’t able to reboot router neither from Foris nor from Luci when I finally tried to do something with it yesterday as I saw that 3.11.2 was released (and just yesterday I’ve noticed that I was still on 3.11 most probably due to already mentioned updater state as I had automatic updates selected) and I had to stop and disable ddns service and run pkgupdate manually (also solution found here) to solve it.

Most of people here are aware that sometimes updates are not smooth but as updated OS should be No. 1 reason for Turris device I would expect that team is working on solution how to solve this “smoothness” and above data could show if it’s getting better or not.

I would like to know how many of devices with automatic updates does latest TOS day or two after release for example

Anyway I deeply appreciate whole Turris project and hard work of their team.

We can debug that if you like, though probably in a different thread.

I believe there is some data, but I don’t really know (I’m not in Turris team). I remember a “story” about an alarm due to the number of live Turrises getting a sharp gap… and it turned out to be an electricity blackout from strong wind.

Thanks, but usually I don’t have notebook at home and it’s not so comfortable to debug it on phone.

P.S: At home I’ve found out that my TO got to weird state

Foris was permanently showing rotating refresh icon in Updater section

I had same problem with that icon still spamming there :D, I will look if I really have 3.11.2, last time I have checked I had 3.11.1 :smiley: