Pure OpenWrt on MOX

As I have noticed that my memory usage is really high on my MOX classic I was wondering if it is possible to run a pure openwrt without Foris on MOX hardware.

Has anyone tried this?
What would be the limitations?

Until then (re)Foris is removable from TOS if that is the aim.

Ok thx. How can it be removed?

Like most other packages

  1. LuCI
  2. cli opkg remove
  3. updater-ng LUA commands (as outlined in the documentation)


  • removal of (re)/Foris will logically remove certain TOS specific functionality that may not be entirely replicable with other tools from OpenWrt
  • removal of (re)/Foris may also remove packages that are otherwise required for other than TOS specific functionality
  • removal is not straight forward and a wee bit complex due to dependencies tied in with (re)/Foris and for that reason the aforementioned third option might be the best way to go about
  • make sure that schnapps is working and you are familiar with it in case things go sideways
  • in short - know what you are doing

Is this pasted from official docs.tuirrs.cz?

I cannot find this. Can you copy the link?

[1] https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/updater

1] Turris Documentation

This is the link to the updater but not to removing foris.
At least I dońt see it there but maybe all that staying at home has had an effect on my vision, too?

There is no documentation about the removal of (re)Foris from TOS, understandably.

True. That makes sense. Have you succefully removed re(Foris)?

Yes, albeit on a TO device. However, I am not going to populate step-by-step guide considering that someone not heeding the aforementioned :warning: and ending up with the device in an undesired state and then seeking support for it.

Those ones could be directly pointed to the wiki, it is clearly documented how to copy complete TOS on SD-card. So if really everything fails, one can easily start from scratch setting up MOX.

case in point.


  • wait for OpenWrt to bring kernel 5.4 to the mvebu target class and thus subsequent support MOX in OpenWrt
  • wait for the TOS developers to complete the transition from Foris to reForis and see then whether it alleviates whatever the current issues are with Foris
  • ask the TOS developers for an official guide to safely remove re/Foris