Problems with SFP module FS model SFP-FE-BX

I already saw that there is a list of supported SFP modules, but unfortunately the one I received from my provider does not seam to work. Because I’m not completely sure if I have missed something i wanted to ask if somebody could give me some advice:

I tried to manually link to the correct .dtb file by ln -sf armada-385-turris-omnia-sfp.dtb /boot/dtb && reboot but the modules does not seam to work.

This is what I got:

root@turris:/tmp/log# dmesg | grep eth2
[    1.851447] mvneta f1034000.ethernet eth2: Using device tree mac address d8:58:d7:01:05:d5
[    8.437540] mvneta f1034000.ethernet eth2: initial validation with support 0000000,00000000,c0758cdc failed: -22
[   12.704390] mvneta f1034000.ethernet eth2: configuring for inband/sgmii link mode

root@turris:/tmp/log# dmesg | grep sfp
[    8.084766] sfp sfp: Host maximum power 3.0W
[    8.428186] sfp sfp: module FS               SFP-FE-BX        rev A    sn C1903025459      dc 190308  
Turris OS version	6.3.3
Kernel version	5.15.114

The module works fine if I use a media converter…

Is there something i can do or do I have to change the SFP module?

I may be missreading this - is your SFP listed in the list of supported modules or not?

Regarding the module itself - it has to be “universal compatible”. Several users made good experiences with So if the provider SFP does not work, they could tell you the specifications and you can order the respective module there.

Sorry, your right - my sentence does not make any sense :sweat_smile:. I meant that I found the list of supported modules, but mine is not in the list and it does not work out of the box when I connect it to my Omnia.

The module I received is already a one with model “SFP-FE-BX”…

In this case - does it have a generic firmware? Normally this is NOT the case for provider modules. You can find out via searching for your module’s ID.