Problems with LXC

I have two problems with LXC-Containers which I am unable to resolve:

  • lxc-stop -n <CONTAINER> hangs and does not stop the container. Stopping over the LuCi gui works.
  • when restarting network components eg. because of openvpn reconfiguration or interface changes the lxc-containers network stops working. I need to stop and restart the container to get it working again

The syslog and kernlog don’t show any errors.
Does anyone have an idea what can be the cause of this?

are you able to log into the container and do a shutdown from there successfully? it’s possible there’s some process running in your container that isn’t closing down cleanly. you didn’t mention what OS or processes are running in your container, so it’s hard to help out.

Yes lxc-attach is working. shutdown -h and shutdown -r are working too (restart takes around 8-30 seconds).
The container runs Debian Stretch (upgraded from Jessie) with a bind9 service. The same setup works without problems on a Debian Jessie host system.

The shutdown/restart from inside the container and over the gui is working so there shouldn’t be any blocking processes.