Problems getting through mode 4

I’m trying to do the first setup of the MOX. I don’t have an sdcard in the device so I found one here and downloaded the image onto it. The instructions for this are… er… very minimal, so I took a guess that the following steps were required:

mkfs /dev/sdb1 &&
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt &&
pv ~anarcat/Downloads/mox-medkit-201906071520.tar.gz | tar -C /mnt -x -z -f - &&
umout /mnt

(As an aside, I don’t understand how to verify that .sig file: it is not an OpenPGP signature and mentions a public key I don’t know how to get or verify.)

Then I managed to open the cover (another thing I couldn’t figure out easily) to insert the microSD card and boot the machine. I then tried to get to rescue mode 4 and I don’t know if I actually made it. Now the device is slowly blinking and does basically nothing. I was hoping it would eventually reboot and offer me a DHCP lease but it seems to just do nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

it seems i was able to fix this by rebooting the machine, by unplugging and replugging it again. that hardly seems like a good solution, however - it’s unclear to me when I am supposed to actually do this… As soon as the slow blink starts? after a delay?

Another thing is that is seems the right way to format the SD card is with btrfs. You can convert an existing ext2 filesystem to btrfs but it’s probably easier to just backup and restore over a new filesystem:

  502  mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
  503  cd /mnt
  504  df -h 
  505  tar cfz - . | pv -s 60M > ~anarcat/backups/mox-20190612130311.tgz
  506  cd /
  507  umount //mnt
  518  mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sdb1 
  519  mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
  520  cd /mnt
  521  pv ~anarcat/backups/mox-20190612130311.tgz  | tar zxf -
  523  cd
  524  umount /mnt

… or something like that.

IIRC it’s the format for openssl rsautl.

Currently, I can provide you information one by one. I have been able to find, where is the issue. Download the medkit and just move it to the microSD card (don’t extract it), which should be formatted to BTRFS and should have partition as well. Then unmount it and insert it to the Turris MOX and use rescue mode 4.

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Okay, so :

mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sdb1
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
cp Downloads/mox-medkit-201906071520.tar.gz /mnt
umount /mnt

What do you mean, “have partitions set”? @pepe answered on IRC: there should be a sdX1 partition (e.g. in my case, /dev/sdb1), not directly sdX.

What does that actually mean though? When I manage to get to the “four blinks” and wait, it only blinks slowly, and then the led just turns off. What does that mean? Should I reboot the device?

In my experience, the device gets to “mode 4” (ie. it blinks 4 times in a second) and then flashes slowly on and off, and then just turns off and never reboots. I actually have to yank the cable out to make it start the proper process.


You need to install additional package signify-openbsd to verify the signature of the medkit.

sudo apt install signify-openbsd

After installation just follow these steps:

curl -sO 
curl -sO 
curl -sO 
signify-openbsd -V -p -m mox-medkit-latest.tar.gz

After the last line, you should get Signature Verified output.

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Hum, but how do I verify that public key in the first place? If I fetch it from the same servers (or a slight variation of), it’s hardly better than a checksum… Or is the idea that the public key is shipped on Turris devices?

for what it’s worth, i was able to setup the box. i’m still confused about how the reset modes work and if a reboot is required. i should also mention that the red LED is still flashing twice per second, as if something was wrnog with it but that might be related to my other issue with the box: