Problem trying to use SSD for storage

I just completed a “level 4” reset of the Omnia, restoring it back to factory defaults and using the latest recovery image.

One of the items I have installed in the Omnia is a 128GB mSATA SSD because I want to use LXC containers, and I know you should not use internal flash for that.

So, after the initial recovery reboot, I go to the storage tab in Foris and set the SSD as the storage volume:

I format and set it, then reboot:

After I reboot, I check Luci, and this is what I see:

The Omnia has not maintained the SSD as mounted after a reboot, and it appears to again be using internal flash as storage. Also, note the differences in the UUID between Foris and Luci, for what I think is the same device. Why is it doing this and how can I correct it?

Thank you, please advise.

I have exactly the same problem. I already had it with Turris OS version-3.10.7, it was fixed after updating to Turris OS version-3.10.8-2018-2018-10-15 12H23, and have again the same problem as yours.
What I did (I read it a few months ago on this forum):

  • login in the LUCI interface
  • menu: “System, Mount Points”: delete the the Mount Point you wish to use (provided that you don’t use it for NAS storage or other purpose)
  • add a new Mount Point (in my case:/mnt/sda , btrfs ) and enable it
  • connect via Putty or other (I personally use Secure CRT & Secure FX)
  • check that /mnt/sda has been created
  • then:

root@turris:~# /etc/init.d/lxc-auto stop
root@turris:~# cd /srv
root@turris:/srv# mv lxc /mnt/sda
root@turris:/srv# mv pakon /mnt/sda
root@turris:/srv# mv suricata /mnt/sda
root@turris:/srv# cd /srv
root@turris:/srv# ln -s /mnt/sda/lxc
root@turris:/srv# ln -s /mnt/sda/pakon
root@turris:/srv# ln -s /mnt/sda/suricata

PS: pakon & suricata should be stopped as well if they are running

lxc, suricata & pakon have been moved to /mnt/sda and links (i.e. lxc, suricata and pakon) have been created in /srv
Now all the data are written in the internal SSD in /mnt/sda

I do not like too much this procedure but it works, hoping to get a fix ASAP.

Hoping it will help!


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mounting /tmp onto the external drive might be sensible too and mitigate writes to the internal storage.

There is an init script “/etc/init.d/srv” that seems to be mounting /srv

Hi, I read the content of this script, a pity that I do not have the previous version (3.10.8) in order to check for any difference.
Anyway, I think that the problem is elsewhere but do not have much time to analyse it.
As well: a problem with the Pakon Pie-chart: unreadable, maybe linked to the high DPI of my screen.

open the archive and browse to the directory.

At quick glance the difference seems line 12 been added in 3.11

grep -q '^[^[:blank:]]\+[[:blank:]]\+/srv[[:blank:]]' /proc/mounts || mount -t tmpfs -o size=50M none /srv

Likely true.

Hi, yes, you are right, this line #12 does not exist in the working Turris OS version-3.10.8-2018-2018-10-15 12H23.
I always keep all the previous in my machine, better to be wise when we have a working version;
v3.10.7 had the same issue but has the same instructions as in v3.10.8 i.e.

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common


status() {
return 0

die() {
create_notification -n error “$1”
exit 1

I will check all the differences using the right tool and post it ASAP.

:slight_smile: Andrew

The added line is a fix for The idea here is that if somehow mounting the storage device fails, then a RAMdisk 50MB in size will be mounted at /srv instead, preventing any applications from wearing out the internal flash.

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Made 3 partitions on the added ssd with mountpoints /swap, /srv and /tmp/log respectively.