Printers not found after connecting the firewall

I have installed the Turris Shield between the modem/router and my PC.

It seems to be working fine but the 2 printers which I have both appear as offline.
One of them is a wireless printer while the other one is connected to the PC via USB.
If I try to look for new devices in Windows Control Panel, nothing happens.

The above-mentioned problem occurs both if I set LAN Mode to Computer and also to Router.

The other devices connected to the network (NAS, range extenders etc.) are normally found.

How can I solve this?


reForis version 0.9.1
Turris OS version 5.1.10
Turris OS branch HBS
Kernel version 4.14.222

The device has just performed an update:

reForis version 1.0.8
Turris OS version 5.2.7
Turris OS branch HBS
Kernel version 4.14.245

Still, no printers available.

First shot

Printer 1 - Install Print server (p910nd) in reForis - Packages and connect the printer to the router - then the printer will really always be available in youre network (I think the USB by PC printer must be set in Windows PC as shared but then it only works if the PC is active)

Printer 2 - more details are needed - an IP address is assigned - and more

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