Price discount (-20%) duration?

In order to be able to investigate my use-cases a little deeper (possibly leading to an order and probably leading to more forum posts / inquiries :smirk:) I would like to ask:

  • Until when will the price be twenty percent off (for the housed-WiFi-router)?
  • And - moreover - until when will I be able to order the Turris Omnia?

I am asking as I am very much considering supporting this open source (!) project - and myself along with it - by ordering the Turris Omnia router + extra RAM perk. Although I am not really in need of a new router the Omnias openness, security and all other extraโ€™s (including its origins; being a half-Czech) really appeal to me! :heart_eyes: Hence my questions.

Thanks for this great opportunity!

Any (official?) word on this?