Pre-order questions: NAS, multi-wan & VPN, Data encryption, NAT type


  1. what is the basic difference between MOX standard and Omnia?

  2. when i want to multi-wan failover or even load balancing and at same time use OpenVPN or Wireguard tunnel for only one or two LAN ports(or use one WG server for one port and other for another), is that possible, any detail on how or what to search for? Considering i do not know networking - I can rather copy paste from tutorials.
    Some relevant links:
    Regarding fail0ver:
    Interesting note from OpenWRT wiki on mwan3 package: “mwan3 is primarily designed for physical WAN connections it can also be used with logical interfaces like OpenVPN or Wireguard.”

  3. In the Omnia 2020 datasheet i have seen HW extensibility “NAS box with SATA connectivity,” - it is not easy to find what that mean, but i think it is this product code:
    Also it is said: “Protocol Support: SMB, AFP, DLNA, FTP/FTPS, WebDAV”
    Some details about NAS:
    In my case i have only experience with the NFS and SSHFS, but i guess this is not supported by default. And i am not sure which protocol is the best for Linux to Linux.

  4. Does the router support encryption of the user/admin defined data? So no one with physical access can access configuration of the router and the data on the attached storage drives? Any detail about this or how to setup?

  5. what kind of NAT is supported, is it transparent(Full Cone)?, can anyone link to a details. My aim is P2P will work the best.

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  • extensibility of omnia means that it has 2miniPCI and one miniPCI/mSATA ports, standardly filled with two wi-fi cards and you can add mSATA disk, SATA or LTE module, optionally all if you remove one or more of the wi-fi cards.
    You can replace standard case with bigger which can contain up to 2 3.5" sata HDD’s and

  • mox is modular, has smaller RAM and newer lower frequency CPU. You can buy addons with multiple USB or ethernet ports. look at:

  • multi-wan with mwan3 requires two separate uplinks (e.g. not ethernet or wi-fi within the same network)

  • from what I see in packages, nfs is installable. sshfs is only client issue, so while supported, you won’d use it unless you want connect remote filesystem to omnia via SSH.

  • I’m afraid that encrypting data on omnia would not be very usable. While possible to implement, it would need admin to enter encryption key after each boot.

  • NAT means masquerade while network behind one address, and while linux firewall supports nearly everythying, I’m not sure how much can be put into predefined NAT rules.

Unless you want to stop OpenWRT-based TurrisOS and replace it by own linux distro/installation, implementing last two will be quire hard to achieve.

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