PPTP server - OMNIA

Iam trying to set up PPTP server. I used different tutorial like …


But I was always unsuccessful. Is there any “verified” tutorial for omnia?


In my testing, mschap v1 and v2 are both broken, so you can’t use MPPE. I meant to start a thread about this, but I guess this is it.


After setting up a PPTP server aswell I keep getting this message when trying to use MPPE:

LCP terminated by peer (MPPE required but not available)

Is there any way to resolve this issue?

See also: MSCHAP-V2 authentication broken for PPTP VPN (logs included) (in short, I think I have proofs of the MCHAP-V2 bug, but no solution yet).

This bug has been fixed in Turris OS 3.5 in January 2017. Let’s give it a try.