PPPoE with Deutsche Telekom and VLAN7

I’m using the Omnia with a VDSL connection of “Deutsche Telekom”.
I have to insert VLAN 7 to get a connection. So I went in LuCI to “Network” → “Interfaces” → “WAN Edit” → “Physical Settings” and changed the interface from eth2 to eth2.7.

see Image1/2

Today I updated to version 4.0.5.
Unfortunately now the Foris administration interface doesn’t recognize the WAN connection any more.
With Turris OS 3.11.16 this worked…

see Image 3

Is there any way to fix this? Or did I do something wrong?
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Does not look like, from the LuCI image it would seem that upstream connectivity is established.

report as bug to developers, though the code base for

is outdated and the issue may not be present in TOS5.x

I also tried this in version 5, it was the same issue; so I went back to TOS4.
Is TOS5 already released or is it a beta version?

I get the connection in LuCI, but FORIS doesn’t show it.

Then I will update to TOS5 and let it run this way.

TOS 4 is unmaintained and vulnerable. TOS 5 is not released yet.

Perfect. Thanks for the fast reply!

Not yet.

That it is, current naming convention is RC

There are known issues

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TOS 3 is still supported (but also vulnerable).

With TurrisOS 4.0.1 it is impossible to set VLAN IF via Luci such as eth2.7. I have set the VLAN TAG on the modem side. This is the best current approach. Don’t put VLAN TAG on both sides of PPPoE connection. I am using a DryTec Vigor 160 modem.