PPPoE setttings (missing)

My ISP requires the following settings which I cannot trace either on Foris or LuCI:

  • AFTR (AdressfamilyTransitionRouter)
  • IP4 via DS-Lite protocol
  • IP6 via via DHCPv6 Prefix-Delegation

How/where to set those?


did you tried to use peeraddr option? (maybe via ssh if it’s not available in Foris/LuCi)

these might help if not already seen:

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@MiKe peeraddr was not the solution but reminding me that some reading at OpenWRT sometimes helps.

Dual-Stack Lite is supported in LuCI -> Network -> Interfaces -> Add new interface -> Protocol Dual-Stack Lite

In advanced settings it then can be linked to the PPPoE interface (in this case named SPF). In short that how it looks like in /etc/config/network

config interface 'DS_Lite'
	option proto 'dslite'
	option peeraddr 'aftr......'
	list tunlink 'SPF'