PPPOE Dual Access / static route

I think my question is pretty much this:

I can’t reach the web interface of my VDSL modem (Archer VR200v) anymore after setting it to bridge pppoe mode. According to TP-LINK support it should actually work. So I’m guessing I miss a static route on the turris.

The modem is on while Turris LAN network is What is the correct way to setup a static route so it will route requests of to the WAN port?

root@turris:~# ip route
default via 87.186.xxx.xxx dev pppoe-wan  proto static dev br-lan  proto kernel  scope link  src
87.186.xxx.xxx dev pppoe-wan  proto kernel  scope link  src 79.203.xxx.xxx

Thanks a lot!

So, I solves this slightly differently under LEDE. I simply added a new interface (from /etc/config/network):
config interface 'WAN_4_MODEM’
option proto 'static’
option ifname 'eth1’
option ipaddr '’
option netmask ‘’

I assigned that interface to the wan zone in the firewall settings tab of the configuration page for that newly created interface, and selected the physical interface connected to the modem (eth1). For the IP address I selected one inside the IP range the modem expected. Maybe this approach will work on the omnia as well?