PPoE with Swiss XGS-PON?


I moved from an area where I could simply have a fiber SFP plugged into my turns omnia to a place where they use P2MP topology for fibre using XGS-PON transceivers, and I need to use a specific device to connect to the fiber: a Zyxel AX7501-B0. The connection requires PPPoE authentication.

Has anyone been successful in using a Turris Omnia with a device such as the Zyxel in bridge mode?

I tried setting up the PPPoE identifiers and the specific VLAN in the Turris Omnia interface, but it would not connect. Not sure where to start for the troubleshooting…

Has the module been initialized correctly? What does dmesg say?

The sfp module in not in the Omnia. I was connecting the copper WAN port of the omnia to a LAN port on the zyxel.

Sounds like the bridge. Discuss proper settings of router (and maybe also bridge) with your ISP.

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