Powershell on Omnia

Hi all, it would be great to have PowerShell n omnia. Do you think it would be possible? As windows admin, this would really help :slight_smile:https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powershell-is-open-sourced-and-is-available-on-linux/

There is bash available out of the box, but powershell not. In theory could be possible, but would require quite significant amount of work to port .NET and then powershell. If somebody will be crazy enough to contribute to OpenWRT mono stack and powershell it might be possible in future, but I doubt that anybody would be that interested in it.

i’d give this an eta of at least a few years, since there has never been a huge interest for powershell on linux…
however with .net now fully opensource there might be interest on having it available in openWRT (though with lxc/docker i don’t see the need for this in openwrt)… if that happens it will certainly be a lot easier & more likely to appear.

PowerShell is also open source. https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell

Seems like it will come down to porting the .NET core and PowerShell from Linux on x86 to Linux on ARM. This may happen faster than a few years.

And packaging it to OpenWRT. Yep, technically it should be possible, just quite some work and I don’t believe that anybody will be interested enough to actually do it. But it is quite possible that I might be wrong :slight_smile:

The good news is that bash has come to windows, so it’s probably easier to make that switch instead :slight_smile:

PowerShell for Linux is now available from Microsoft:

Yep mentioned in previous post with link to the actual source code, but would require .NET and packaging of both .NET and PowerShell. If it would be in OpenWRT/LEDE packages repo and it would work on ARM, then it might make it into Omnia in some update. Without that, I doubt it.

Oh god…why? :smiley: