Power for hardrives

Hi. is there any good way to get power to SATA harddrives from the motherboard on the router?

I have found one connector “CN18” that looks like some kind of power connector. But so far I have not been able to get the pinout from it

Use search before you start new thread.

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I§m thinking about connection HDD to Turiss 1.0, but question is about voltage. I read that Turris 1.0 have just only 7.5V from power source.
Do you know if Turiss 1.0 can run on 12V? Or if will overheat it?

Links above doesn’t help as they are about Omnia. Not Turris 1.0.

It for Omnia, not Turris 1.0

The thread owner is asking for “CN18” pin, and that is only on the “Omnia” as I can read from the documentation on https://www.turris.cz/doc/en/start

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It’s a bit confusing that this thread is in 1.x category…

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Not anymore. :wink:

The latest posts should somebody move to Turris 1.x category, but I don’t have enough privilegies to do it.

I can switch categories, but if original poster/question meant some HW, it feels strange to re-assign the thread to some other HW.