Post changelog before pushing update (esp. in stable branch)

Frankly, TOS if the only software I know that ever pushed a stable branch update without posting a changelog anywhere on the web first. The only place change log can be seen is reForis update notifications, which obviously disappears after the update. E‑mail notifications (if even enabled at all) or pkgupdate messages don’t really count at all, and as an user, I am not keen on parsing messages logs or github commits for something that should be on top of the forums and on your website.

Sorry, but this is a total UX & software dev management fail 101. Nobody else does it this stupid way!
Changelog - Turris Documentation still only lists 5.4.4.

I really do appreciate all your work on TOS, but the docs & UX side is simply lacking. No published changelog half a day after a pushed major update is quite bad…