Port Forwarding failing while cascading omnia

I have an ATT gateway nokia modem and am trying to set up the Turris Omnia behind it as a router.

How do I set up the port forwarding on the Omnia? The gateway is setup with a NAT server, so theoretically all the ports should be open and pointing towards the omnia. I can connect to the internet on the omnia wifi but no matter what I do, all the ports are closed and I cant get any forward to work.

Do I need to point the external IP of the omnia 168.1.167 to its internal ip? then route to my pc?

First you need to setup port forwarding on Nokia (it will only work if you have public IP address on Nokia WAN interface), or you can set your Omnia to be in Nokia’s DMZ, then the Nokia will forward all incoming traffic to Omnia.
Or set up Nokia as a bridge only.

Then you set Omnia this way:

where is IP of you PC where the desired service is running.