Port forwarding 80 to 180 and 443 to 1443 on the Turris Omnia (for Unraid with SWAG docker)

I am trying to open ports 80 and 443 and forward them to my Unraid server on ports 180 and 1443 for the Swag docker.

I have tried and tried and in reading the forum I thought that these settings should work:

I can get port 80 to appear as open by changing the internal port from 180 to 80. But if the internal port is left at 180, Port 80 does not appear to be open (there is a service running on port 180 and 1443 when I am checking for open ports online).

Port 443 is even tricker and I find this quite confusing. Changing the internal port from 1443 to 433 does not do the same?! The only way success I have had in getting port 443 to open is in Traffic rules but in reading through the forum it looks like this should be entirely configured in “Network>Firewall>Port Forwards”

Please, if any one has any idea of how to get port forwarding working on the Turris Omnia? Is there a page on the documentation page that I am missing? Or the Wiki?

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

can you log in the Turris Omnia and use the tcpdump to verify the traffic reach the WAN port?
tcpdump -i eth2 'tcp and (port 80 or port 443)' should be sufficient to see any TCP packets with destination port 80 or 443 arriving on WAN port. If you see the traffic on WAN port, then you can move to check the LAN side by using tcpdump -i br-lan 'tcp and (port 180 or port 1443)' and verifying you see the traffic leaving the LAN side.