Please for a more detailed description of mSATA SSD installation

I believe that the oficial documentation of the installation of mSATA disk …

… is not complete because the mentioned slot next to the CPU cooler is occupied by a WiFi card.

  1. It would be advisable to add a link to the video …
    … and describe the procedure in documentation.

  2. After moving it, you need to reconfigure the WiFi card by Info: Small thing to do after adding mSata SSD - SW tweaks - Turris forum

Or is everything different and I’m mistaken?

Also a description for putting the terminal in Windows on COM3 is not for Layi

Youre right, just I did not need to reconfigure WIFI, it kept working fine.
(your links to translator does not work for me, it just displays “page is already in english” and nothing more)
Needless to say, I had to isolate one of the SSD’s pin Switch to force mSata until then it did not detect the SSD

I see port COM3 in system Windows 10 (driver is ready ) but i I can’t connect Putty terminal window - I would rather ask support to perform the necessary steps to install the system on an SSD.

The instructions for the procedure via serial port in the documentation are not sufficiently detailed for me. Unfortunately support does not respond almost at all

Solving the problem continues in CZ