Please don't use GLS/Parcelforce again


I’ve been anxiously awaiting my router, but so far, I haven’t received it yet. It seems that GLS, (or at least their local UK partner, Parcelforce), aren’t particularly good at delivering packages.

The package left the Czech Republic on the 8th, arrived in London on the 10th, and yet on the 15th I still don’t have it. There were two “failed delivery attempts” of the kind that happen without any doorbells being rung, around 15 minutes before the driver’s shift ends.

I just want to say that I really appreciate the effort in trying to ship these out as quickly as possible, but your distribution partners are really dropping the ball on this one… :disappointed:

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I for one could’nt agree more - that company is uuuuultraslow and if their tracking-updating in any way reflects their driving pace, well… then it’s really a sad story indeed:-(

The tracking info received is almost an exact copy of yours w/shipping the 8th and then ‘stranded’ in cz over the weekend with the parcel hitting DE on the 14th and since then no updates - yikes…

My order is expectected to be in their (cz.nic) final delivery-batch due to order-content so i never once bothered participate in the general ‘flame-war’ that has been going one for quite a while by now since i figured that the more they had to deal with folks requests on the matter the more ressources was drawn from more important/pressing matters… such as stretch-goals, fw-updates and beta-trouble in general…

Best and crossing fingers here in DK


I’ve been pretty patient, but I have to agree the postal guys being used really are spectacularly bad.

I received an email on Nov 7 with tracking number. It took 8 days for the tracking number to even show any information. Now, after 9 days, there is an entry for Nov 15 that says 'The item is at the PostNL sorting center, and ‘The item is processed at the PostNL sorting center’.

That is hopeless. After 9 days it would appear it really hasn’t gone anywhere.

At this rate it might make it to Australia some time early next year…


Well, I have not recieved any emails, but tracking shows that it is in transit…making approximately 200km/5day progress… :smiley:

Fair enough, at least I will get a nice Christmas present on that pace… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also do agree, that GLS is just …no good.

It gives you very few information in their track and trace. Because i moved out just before NIC.CZ announced that we had to put our final shipping address in to the order page, i used the address of a friend of mine, because i was not sure if i would move to the new appartment or not. I moved to the new appartment and i directly changed the address to the new appartment, but it was unknown to me, which address is going to be used.

The old address? The new address? Adress of my friend? GLS just does not give you any possibility to come to know about this.

Today early in the morning somebody called me. I suspect it was the delivery guy, but i missed the call(Anonymouse call), no voice mail…no nothing. One thing for sure, i have NOT heard the doorbell at my new home. So i suspect one of the other two addresses .

EDIT: I was wrong. Apparently it was somebody else who had called this morning. So…Ladies and Gentlemen…i’ve got him.My Omnia just arrived.

I hope your Omnia’s also will arrive soon, so we can start the seriousness of adding extra-functionality as a community.

Hehe…did not take so long…mine arrived to my country :slight_smile:
Obviously GLS tracking sucks, but hey…at least parcel still moves.

I finally managed to get my router… by going and picking it up myself from the distribution centre in the middle of nowhere. Time and money wasted doing their job for them.

In any case, I finally have it now! I will eagerly be setting it up later today. Good luck to everyone who’s still waiting :neutral_face:

Hi again folks,

Well just a short update to confirm my usual bad exp w/GLS…

Today, early morning on the 16th the parcel finally arrived in its country of destination (denmark) after a week in transit(!) and was supposedly out for delivery in the late afternoon - on the WRONG truck!! - lol - so it never actually made it to my doorstep even i had taken the day off based on the tracking info… Jeez:-/… Hopefully they can manage their own little logistic comedy and just find the right truck for final delivery - perhaps tomorrow - who knows?
I wouldnt hold my breath, thats for sure…

Best, R.

My beauty finally arrived… :joy:

GLS is just fine, I have use this courier many times, the delivery is quite fast, and the gls tracking info can be tracked online.

Actually, in my experience, they’re rubbish. They’ll stick your parcel behind some metal bars where anyone walking by will see it and can snatch it away. Or they’ll deliver your parcel to a local business across the street whose office hours never allow me to pick it up.