Pkgupdate issue due to missing vpn-policy-routing

After the latest update no way to proceed. I can’t uninstall vpn-policy-routing, too. Error report could be improved, very unclear why exactly it fails even on DBG level.

WARN:Couldn’t read the status file: [string “backend”]:1226: [string “backend”]:278: attempt to concatenate local ‘pkg_name’ (a nil value)
INFO:Target Turris OS: 7.0.0
line not found

DBG:src/lib/download.c:78 (download_check_info):Download succesfull (
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index luci/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index packages/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index routing/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index core/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index cesnet/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index turrispackages/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index telephony/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index base/
DBG:postprocess.lua:52 (Globals):Parsing index node/
DBG:postprocess.lua:293 (pkg_aggregate):Aggregating packages together
DBG:planner.lua:566 (Globals):Resolving Install and Uninstall requests
DBG:planner.lua:578 (Globals):Denying packages without any candidate
DBG:planner.lua:585 (Globals):Forcing penalty on expressions with free alternatives
DBG:planner.lua:597 (Globals):Deducing minimal set of required packages
DBG:src/lib/locks.c:45 (lua_acquire):Trying to get a lock at /var/lock/opkg.lock
DBG:backend.lua:394 (status_parse):Parsing status file /usr/lib/opkg/status
DBG:src/lib/locks.c:82 (lua_lock_release):Released lock at /var/lock/opkg.lock
line not found
ERROR:src/pkgupdate/main.c:151 (main):
[string “backend”]:1226: [string “backend”]:278: attempt to concatenate local ‘pkg_name’ (a nil value)
DBG:src/lib/events.c:572 (run_util_clean):Removing temporally busybox from: /tmp/updater-busybox-NoGjBh/busybox
line not found
line not found

It has been replaced pbr (policy-based-routing).

However pbr has dependencies on firewall4 which is not yet supported by Turris devices. Expectation is this will be available on TurrisOS 7.1.

There may be a way to use pbr-iptables on TurrisOS 7.0 but I was unable to figure it out.

Meainwhile i’m using this workaround

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