Pkgupdate and usb-net-qmi-wwan

I have a issue,
When I run pkgupdate on cli, i get error:

root@turris:/# pkgupdate
INFO:Target Turris OS: 5.2.0
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
line not found
inconsistent: Requested package usb-net-qmi-wwan that is not available.

That named package not found, but kmod-usb-net-qmi-wwan is installed.

Any ideas?


Same problem as here

That’s not. It is something different. As @JaniAsi correctly pointed out, there is no such package usb-net-qmi-wwan. Thank you for reporting! It should be fixed now. There were invalid dependencies for Quectel EC20.

Now its working, thanks!

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