PCI1 LED not lit up?

Hey there!

I’m glad to be here, received my Turris Omnia yesterday!

I configured device using reForis and enabled W-LAN (which is working properly), but PCI1 LED still is off. Not as in the product pictures, where it is lit.

Might this be a software bug?
When I boot up the device, LEDs show these states:

|  ⏻  |  🌎  |PCI1 |other|
| knight rider animation  |
|blue  |blue  |blue |blue |
|white |off   |off  |off  |
|white |white |off  |off  |
|white |off   |off  |off  |
|white |white |white|off  |
|green |green |green|green|
|blue  |blue  |blue |blue |
|green |white |off  |off  |

So there’s a short moment during boot where PCI1 LED is on - but then reset by the green-blue animation. I would expect it to stay on afterwards.

I only used reForis to set up the device, have not touched configuration in LuCI/SSH yet.

Technical data:

Device             Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6
reForis version    1.4.1
Turris OS version  6.4.4
Turris OS branch   HBS
Kernel version     5.15.135

There are usually 2 wifi cards and 3 PCI slots. I’m not sure what’s the factory placement of the wifi cards, but definitely one of the PCI slots is empty so its LED should be off. The other PCI LEDs are lit only when there is an AP configured for the card (if I remember correctly).

Factory placement is Wi-Fi 2 (2.4 GHz) to PCI1 (wlan1), Wi-Fi 1 (5 GHz) to PCI2 (wlan0), empty PCI3

I configured an AP for PCI1 card:

And this AP works as expected.

But PCI1 LED is still off in regular use. It’s just lit shortly during boot.

Luci (advanced administration) would show you how is the LED configured. I don’t remember on which page (search either for Rainbow or LED configuration).

They are still set to default omnia-led:

In detailed setting led is named ath9k-phy1:

And are you actually connected to the AP?

Yes, I am:

What confuses me that the LED name is different between the overview and the configuration in detail, and I could select rgb:wlan-1 as name.

In that case, it seems like a bug to me. Can you try switching to the testing branch HBT and enabling the experimental Latest firmware package list (Reforis->Package Management->Packages, select Latest firmware and all three subitems). This latest firmware could fix some of the problems. If your Omnia is new, it should work without issues. On older pieces (i.e. manufactured in 2017), installation of the latest firmware is prone to fail and partially brick the device. Please note that even if you have a newer Omnia, the Latest firmware package list is experimental and in worst case, you might need a 3.3 V UART->USB cable to debirck the device. Use on your own risk.

Its not different. Since Turris team upstreamed leds patches to mainline kernel the naming convention for leds changed. Dont do what @peci1 suggested just select the new names of leds in luci and restart rainbow service. So rgb:wlan-1 and rgb:wan etc.

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Thank you very much!

Selected the new names, clicked [Save & Apply] and it already works!

For the records:
PCI1 LED is on, even if no device is connected.
I can’t find a “Latest Firmware” checkbox on the Packages page.

Good point! I haven’t expected this to be a problem because the Omnia is new. So is the migration from older versions not working (in case it came with older TOS), or is the default config wrong?

I believe the default config is wrong. Not so long time ago I reflashed my Omnia and I remember I had to set leds.

I’ve tried to figure out how can the default config be wrong.

For older OS versions, there is the migration script: updater/fix/files/omnia-leds-migrate · master · Turris / Turris OS / Turris OS packages · GitLab .

For newer OS versions, there is no default preconfigured in /etc/config/system (factory image doesn’t contain the file), so the DT defaults should be used, which point to the rgb:wlan-x devices: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/arch%2Farm%2Fboot%2Fdts%2Fmarvell%2Farmada-385-turris-omnia.dts .

So in both cases, the rgb:wlan-x devices should be used. @t-stefan do you remember which version of OS was preinstalled on the router when you got it?

Sure, my screenshots remember :wink:

It came with this preinstalled:

Device             Turris Omnia Wi-Fi 6
reForis version    1.3.1
Turris OS version  6.0
Turris OS branch   HBS
Kernel version     5.15.64

And did an update to the version mentioned above after successful setup.

Thanks for digging into this!

Hmm, 6.0 was the first version to use the new LED driver that started using rgb: instead of omnia-leds: . Moreover, there were several critical bugs in the 6.0 release. I actually wonder they shipped a router with this release.

I think more investigation is not needed and the problem was due to the problematic 6.0 version you started with. But Turris team, feel free to dig into it :slight_smile: Shipping routers with broken config is definitely a problem if there are still some in stock.

Thanks for your cooperation, @t-stefan .

Thanks, you’re welcome!

I bought it through Amazon Prime just recently. So there are more people that should have this problem.
Gladly it was “just” a broken LED, nothing more serious.

Oh, and for the PCI2 LED:

The selected device is wrong. Wi-Fi 1 (5 GHz) in PCI2 is called wlan0 - not wlan2

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