Parental control / QOS (trafic throttling)?

Is there a designated (or typical) means to limit specific system’s (IP’s / MAC’s) WAN (internet) access and/or - better yet - block / limit their access to specific on-line services?

only if you can rule out that said systems user(s) will ever use some sort of tunnel or vpn.
imho preferable to just educate them if possible.

dns-based blocking in the routers dns-server is lightweight and effective, but dns over tls is about to land in browsers (also dnssec), so there goes that.

for lag-free gaming while netflix’ing you should try sqm-scripts (luci-app-sqm) with the piece_of_cake.

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Indeed there’s no water-proof method (I realize), tunneling out of the network is hard to stop.

Thanks for the suggestions (more are welcome ofcourse).