Parameter local domain not set by foris

So I just did an upgrade to Turris OS 4.0.5 (hbt) and noticed the following: when enabling “DHCP clients in DNS” in Foris and setting a custom domain for the dhcp clients (e.g. the FQDN name resolution is working. When only doing a nslookup on the hostname (without the domain part), the lookup fails, because the search domain reported by dhcp is still the default .lan.

When checking the DNS settings in Luci (Network > DHCP and DNS > General Settings) i noticed, that the parameter “local domain” was still set to .lan. After changing that parameter in LuCI to and refreshing the dhcp lease on the client, the reported search domain is now correct.

In my opinion, foris should not only change the “local server” parameter, but also the “local domain” parameter. Or is this parameter maybe set somewhere else in Foris?

Screenshot showing the settings after setting the Domain in Foris.

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