Pakon web UI - bugs

So, apparently, 3.10.3 fix the pakon crashing issue…

Now, when I try to use client filter, the “Apply changes” button is still grey’ed out… :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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This bug, that the “Apply changes” button and the fields to enter “hostnames” and “clients” do not work any longer, I noticed first time in release 3.10.2.

This bug is independent of which browser is being used.

I have found the solution: change the date From or To and the Apply changes button will be available from that point.

But the hostnames filter is not function properly, there are records that should be in the results but missing (try to make a filter for your Omnia’s adress for example, many ports/clients are missing).

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That’s good, but still there is an issue…

Also found that ones a Hostname or Client is added, hitting the “X” does not remove the filter…

Well, I can say that we’re well aware there are several issues with Pakon web UI. We know that these issues affect everyone and the current state of Pakon UI is, let’s say, far from perfect.

We’re discussing some bigger rework of it, so it’s probably not needed to report every single bug. Hopefully we will have some more mature version in the near future.

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For me would be nice to have possibility to access pakon od its own page, without that foris stuff around.


That’s also what I’m thinking about - for example like a simple Luci plugin. That way all openwrt-user would benefit of CZ’s work…

Well, there was no such posting that this is a known issue… I did search before posting…