Pakon-show json.decoder.JSONDecodeError

The pakon-show command runs flawlessly with recent queries ( 2 to 3 days worth of data).
Digging further in the past attached error is thrown-out.
It has been working prior to latest update to Turris OS 5.3.9.

Any hint on what might had gone wrong?
Thank you

It means it received corrupted json file

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Is there a fix? From CLI standpoint I see `no way I’ve induced the error. Pakon-show options were strictly adhered to and for less that 48 hours time range, the command runs flawlessly.
Could this be related to any cap on history size?


I can only guess, because I haven’t seen pakon code for a while.

But this looks like the case, when there is lots of data collected and pakon fails to fetch them before timeout. Therefore the malformed json output.

This unfortunately can break Pakon in it’s current state.

Perhaps @rhinoflip could tell more info.

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With the latest update to TOS 5.3.10 pakon-show errors got a lot worst.
I can’t even perform a single query without this error coming through. I’m hopeless.

Can @rhinoflip come to rescue?

The issue was resolved.
Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Uninstall pakon.
  2. Remove all pakon and suricata traces from the system.
  3. Reinstalling pakon and voilá.