Pakon not retrieving info in CLI or GUI

I just installed Pakon added the networks I would would like to monitor. It’s been a few days and the GUI returns no info neither does the CLI. Turris Omnia 5.15.147 HBS. Is there a Problem with Pakon? I can see it’s logging and storing information on the db files and archives. I’m just not able to open with commands in CLI or GUI.

It does workmfor me, e.g. pakon-show -s -7d -e -1d -A . So it is probably something about your setup. Do you have Storage plugin enabled so that the DB is persisted between reboots?

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root@turris:~# pakon-show -s -7d -e -1d -A
no records to show

I just installed through reForis and used the docs on the Turris guide. Are there docs or guides for this?

I have the same issue, except that I installed with luci.

/usr/libexec/pakon-light/ is running but the database /srv/pakon/pakon-archive.db only has the original 20480 bytes (database is empty).

pakon-show -s -7d -e -1d -A
no records to show

I can not figure out how to get to a GUI. There is no new tab that I can find in forris or luci

How do you enable the storage plugin?

I just did an update and it looks like I’m logging info now.

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Great! I think it might be set up this way so that pakon doesn’t wear off the flash memory of the router. But if there’s no indication of that, it might be good to implement some warning.

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