Pakon automatically reinstalls


I am trying to deinstall pakon. But it is getting automatically reinstalled every time. Does someone know this issue?


I think it is this issue:

I now created a user.lua - maybe it helps.


No, the issue is different. May I ask if you are using Package lists, which are in the Updater tab in Foris/reForis? If you do, you need to uncheck it there instead of removing packages one by one from LuCI or CLI as they will appear once again. When you are removing packages installed and sellected in Updater tab, you will receive this information:

WARNING: You probably just removed a package that was installed as part of a user list or the basic system. This package will return durrng the next updater run. We suggest you disable the user list instead.

Thanks Pepe. I had the user list (in Foris) disabled. Nevertheless it reinstalled. After that I rebooted the router - until now it did not reinstall (but I deactivated automatic updates). I will activate automatic updates now again and observe the behavior.

Now I reactivated automatic updates. Immediately pakon (and all addons) reappeared. After that I checked the box in foris for pakon again and saved. Then it just removed the following packages:

• Removed package foris-pakon-plugin-l10n-cs
• Removed package foris-pakon-plugin
• Removed package foris-controller-pakon-module

and not:

• Installed version 6-1 of package pakon-lists
• Installed version 1-8 of package suricata-pakon
• Installed version 1.2.1-1 of package pakon
• Installed version 2 of package pakon-dev-detect

Now I will deinstall these packages from LuCi again and deactivate automatic updates. It seems to be the only thing that helps :frowning: The user.lua is also not working.

Do you have installed also Device detection?

Yes, dev-detect but not pakon-dev-detect. I thought these should be independent?

However, I see that the pakon-dev-detect was installed. That indicates to me without providing more details nor diagnostics that you have indeed checked any of these two options in the Updater tab in Foris/ReForis:

  • Device detection (experimental)
  • Pakon

That’s why it comes back as you are removing it in LuCI. Both of them use Suricata, which can be CPU intensive for analyzing traffic data. If you want, there is also package dev-detect, which needs to be installed manually in LuCI or CLI, which does not depend on Suricata nor Pakon.

In Turris OS 4.x, this is different as in the package list for Device detection is just dev-detect. Currently, there are no plans to change it in Turris OS 3.x.

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Ah, now I see your point: I already use dev-detect but in Foris the old pakon-dev-detect was still checked - I thought this would be the new dev-detect because it is just named “Device detection”.

I reactivated updater - now I get the following output (hopefully only packages which where used by pakon-dev-detect)

Update from 2020/03/01 16:21:42

• Removed package sqlite3-cli
• Removed package libedit
• Removed package python3-cachetools
• Removed package suricata-conntrack-flows
• Removed package suricata-bin
• Removed package libnetfilter-log
• Removed package kmod-nfnetlink-log
• Removed package libnet-1.2.x
• Removed package iptables-mod-nfqueue
• Removed package kmod-ipt-nfqueue
• Removed package kmod-nfnetlink-queue
• Removed package jansson
• Removed package libyaml
• Removed package libhtp
• Removed package libiconv-full

Thanks pepe!

Edit: if someone is interested. dev-detect runs stable so far without the big footprint of pakon+suritcata.

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