Package sentinel-certgen requires package python3-cryptography that is not available

I’m currently getting the following notification:
Updater failed:
inconsistent: Package sentinel-certgen requires package python3-cryptography that is not available.

Is there a solution or is it just a case of wait till it is built and available?

Turris OS version 5.0.2
Turris OS branch HBK
Kernel version 4.14.180

Similarly in HBL. Just wait or try run command “pkgupdate” manually from CLI.

##### Error notifications #####
Updater failed: 

inconsistent: Requested package foris-openvpn-plugin that is not available.
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The workaround would be to remove packages, which you don’t need as they are not critical to function e.g. routing.

HBK is a development branch as you can see here and some occasional bugs might appear.

It was caused by a recent Python3 update in OpenWrt 19.07. We reported this issue to upstream and there isn’t a solution so far, yet.

For this reason, we decided to freeze packages feed before Python3 update for Turris OS 5.0.3 (currently in HBK) and the packages are already there except Turris 1.x routers (build should be ready in within hour). Also, HBL builds are running. Should be solved within a few hours.

There was also a possibility to revert that update as quick&dirty workaround.

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I ran pkgupdate and that brought 5.0.3 - will see if the error has gone from the notifications after a reboot. The error had been around for a couple of days but I was waiting to see if there was mention of it on the forum or an update to fix it before posting… :slight_smile: