Package is coming back after uninstalling it

Hello, there are some packages that I don’t use and want to remove from the router. The problem is that those packages come back after a system update. I also notice a message when I remove it:

WARNING: You probably just removed a package that was installed as part of a user list or the basic system. This package will return durring the next updater run. We suggest you disable the user list instead

The packages in question are:

  • ddns scripts (luci-app-ddns and ddns-scripts*)
  • lighttpd-https-cert

Is it safe to remove the above packages? I have a script to update dns and download the certificates so I don’t need it. My doubt is if there is some dependency from the Turris to have them.

Thanks. For ddns and ssl I’m using a python script that access porkbun api, so I don’t need those packages. My concern is that if I remove it, something will break.

Are you using that certificate for luci/reforis? What do you have enabled in packages list in reforis?

Yeah. Porkbun provides a Letsencrypt SSL that I can download through the api so all I need to do is download it in a directory and point to it.

For reforis, I have the sentinel (dyn firewall, minipots, honeypot), wireguard, pakon and new devices detection.