Package Gerbera 1.6

I see that Gerbera 1.6.1 has been released ( It appears that the latest version available on opkg is 1.4.0-4.

What is involved in getting version 1.6.1 packaged? Where is the package’s definition stored? Gitlab? Is it at all similar to homebrew (minidlna’s package, for example:

In OpenWrt 19.07, there is version 1.4.0. It comes from packages feed:

The latest version of gerbera can not be included in OpenWrt 19.07 based from this PR:

You might want to check our documentation to know which package comes from us or directly from upstream:


gerbera 1.5.0 is using libupnp.

gerbera 1.6.4 from master (and 21.02 soon) currently uses libnpupnp. Unfortunately it seems I will have to revert to libupnp as @craibuc had issues with libnpupnp and his Samsung TV if I remember correctly.

@neheb I happy to help with this. I’m still on 1.4.0-4. When it’s available, I could try it with libnpupnp to see how it works. If it doesn’t, we could try it with libupnp.

Let me know how to proceed.


The libnpupnp problem with Samsung devices was fixed. That’s all been merged in master and 21.02. The 19.07 gerbera should not be impacted as it uses libupnp.

It appears that version 1.4.0-4 is still the only version available. I’m using TurrisOS 5.3.1.

Do I need to do something to get the latest version of this package?

@craibuc weird. openwrt 21.02 has version 1.7.0. TOS 5.3.1 should be based on that. 19.07 is the one with 1.4.0. It can’t be updated there as it requires GCC8 and up.

@Pepe any insight?

Turris OS 6.0, I mean OpenWrt 21.02, is already available in the development branches such as HBL and HBD. We are aware that OpenWrt 19.07 will be end-of-life on 4th March 2022, but it gets security fixes for now. We are working on Turris OS 6.0, but there are a few things left, which we need to solve first.

ah OK.

@craibuc you could try running a newer version of gerbera in an LXC container if you need a newer version.

@neheb That’s what I’m doing now.

Thanks for the help.