Package Gerbera 1.6

I see that Gerbera 1.6.1 has been released ( It appears that the latest version available on opkg is 1.4.0-4.

What is involved in getting version 1.6.1 packaged? Where is the package’s definition stored? Gitlab? Is it at all similar to homebrew (minidlna’s package, for example:

In OpenWrt 19.07, there is version 1.4.0. It comes from packages feed:

The latest version of gerbera can not be included in OpenWrt 19.07 based from this PR:

You might want to check our documentation to know which package comes from us or directly from upstream:


gerbera 1.5.0 is using libupnp.

gerbera 1.6.4 from master (and 21.02 soon) currently uses libnpupnp. Unfortunately it seems I will have to revert to libupnp as @craibuc had issues with libnpupnp and his Samsung TV if I remember correctly.

@neheb I happy to help with this. I’m still on 1.4.0-4. When it’s available, I could try it with libnpupnp to see how it works. If it doesn’t, we could try it with libupnp.

Let me know how to proceed.